Struggling Mom Doesnt Let Life Get Her Down, And Walks Her Son To Every Football Practice

When you think about your woes, whether they are medical, financial, or familial, it’s hard to imagine that anyone else has it worse off than you do.

We become so self-involved and concerned about all the things that are wrong in our lives that we forget to pause, be mindful, and be thankful.

Now, one mom, despite all of her suffering and struggles, is showing us what really matters. It seems that Sherika Jackson’s load would be too much for most of us to handle.

Jacksonand her family just moved out of a shelter and into a new home, but she’s struggling to pay the bills. Her vehicle was repossessed, and she has no job.

She is recently divorced, and has had two strokes. Her son struggles from mental health issues.

But through it all, she still manages to keep the most important parts of life in mind, like the safety of her kids.

With no car, Sherika can’t drive her son to football practice. Knowing how much the sport means to him, and how it benefits him by teaching him the value of discipline and hard work, she wouldn’t pull him off his team.

Instead, she walks him to each practice regardless of how hot it gets. She ensures her son’s safety this way, even if they are late to practice.

This amazing mom knows what truly matters in this world, and we should all learn from her!

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