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Beauty is Skin Deep and Soul Nourishing. For me, beauty takes work from the inside out. Enter my world of beauty. I’ve always wanted to educate people with the latest tips and processes that will not only help you look good, but help you get long-term benefits to your health and skin, and feel your absolute best!

I’m not a beauty expert, but—I have invited my friends who are to help me give you very detailed, completely trustworthy and authentic tips on taking care of yourself inside and out. Think of my Web site as your resource center, where you can visit often to learn my secrets for the latest beauty trends!

Let’s start with taking care of your skin after this tough winter season we just had. Dry, rough skin, chapped lips, brittle hair, weight gain and financially embarrassed pockets are all remnants of winter and its October through December festivities. So, here is something small and simple that you can do to repair your skin.

• Drink plenty of water

• Eat good, healthy, whole foods

• Moisturize your skin with a moisturizer that does not contain alcohol

• Use sun block when it’s necessary

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll have your beautiful skin back in no time at all!

But no matter what you learn from my tips, remember: Don’t ever let what someone thinks of you define you or what you consider to be beautiful. You create that definition for yourself.

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